What is GM Toolkit?

GM Toolkit is an Android app for gamemasters and players of roleplaying games (RPGs - including Dungeons & Dragons and Savage Worlds systems) and tabletop wargames (such as BattleTech and Warhammer 40K) and is available from Google Play.

Why GM Toolkit?

GM Toolkit has a 4+ out of 5 star rating and it is the original system-agnostic RPG management app on Google Play for gamemasters and players of roleplaying games (RPGs) and tabletop wargames. It supports any rule system (d20, World of Darkness, Savage Worlds, and more) through Template Packs (available via in-app purchase) or by building your own templates using the in-app editor.

Don't want to purchase any of the available Template Packs? You have the freedom to create completely unique templates of your own at no additional cost. These can be used in place of our own Template Packs or for home-brewed systems and other systems for which Template Packs are not yet available.


A template-driven approach allows you to keep the information you need and toss what doesn't work for your group.

System Agnostic

Use GM Toolkit with any game, any rule system. All you need is your imagination and a story you want to tell.


Modify purchased templates for your house rules or create your own templates for home brewed systems. Unlimited possibilities.

Flexible Display

GM Toolkit is designed for both tablets and smartphones. Reference your notes on any device, any screen size.