Likely one of the most difficult things to learn when you get an app like GM Toolkit is knowing what the app is talking about. "Template" this and "entry" that. Well, I''m here to offer a little clarification.

Eventually, that Nexus 7 or Nexus 5 just won''t cut it and you''ll upgrade. What do you do now? You''ve spent a lot of time grooming and massaging your game notes so they''re just right and you certainly don''t want to do that again. Luckily for you, GM Toolkit has features built in to back up your notes and restore them to any device connected to your account.

The beauty of GM Toolkit is that you can create custom templates with all the attributes you want right from the app - no need to purchase the Template Packs if you want to do it yourself. Here''s a crash course in how to create a new system and templates from scratch using the app.

Beginning in GM Toolkit v1.4, we have introduced the ability to cross-reference entries by creating a link on one entry (such as a character sheet) to the details of another entry (such as a Feat, Edge, or Power). Generally, you will see me refer to this as linked entries or linked attributes. What exactly does this feature do for you?

The file format is not proprietary - merely a way to refer to an XML file formatted so that GM Toolkit can consume it. Described below are the supported tags and attributes that will be processed by GM Toolkit when an XML file with the extension ".gmx" is opened on your Android device.