Understanding GM Toolkit

Likely one of the most difficult things to learn when you get an app like GM Toolkit is knowing what the app is talking about. "Template" this and "entry" that. Well, I''m here to offer a little clarification.


First, understand that there are four basic building blocks used by this application: Systems, Templates, Entries, and Attributes. Each one builds on its predecessor and enables the level of customization GM Toolkit provides.


The term System or Systems is used to describe a game or set of rules created and written by a game publisher. World of Darkness is one example of a System. Pathfinder is another. In GM Toolkit, each system is a collection of Templates used to define how notes kept within the app are structured.


Template is part of a system and is, essentially, a category of some item in the system. A Feat is an example of a Template used in the Pathfinder system. It is analogous to an Edge in the Savage Worlds system. Each Template is a collection of Attributes and Entries.


An Entry is something specific. It is defined by a Template and contains the same Attributes as the template it is associated with. Bob, Blackguard of the First Order is an example of an Entry using the Characters template. Dirty Fighter is an example of an Entry using the Edge template in the Savage Worlds system.


Lastly, an Attribute is some piece of information that is stored with an Entry. An attribute belongs to both Entries and Templates, but it is still only a single entity. Armor Class is an example of an attribute that might be part of a Character template.

Entries use attributes and associate them with a value, while Templates use attributes only to define what information Entries of the specified Template will store. Adding a new attribute to a Template automatically adds the attribute to all Entries using the Template, though it will have no value in any of the Entries.


Each of the items we talk about above build upon their predecessor and allow GM Toolkit to store information about any system. These same terms apply to all systems and templates used in GM Toolkit.