Linking Your Character Sheet

Beginning in GM Toolkit v1.4, we have introduced the ability to cross-reference entries by creating a link on one entry (such as a character sheet) to the details of another entry (such as a Feat, Edge, or Power). Generally, you will see me refer to this as linked entries or linked attributes. What exactly does this feature do for you?


You will no longer have to type in a list of character''s equipment, such as "Dagger (1d4), Leather Armor +3", etc in the Gear attribute of a character template. Instead, you can create a linked attribute called "Equipment" or "Gear" - whatever your preference might be. When you edit the character''s entry, you will see an edit button next to the attribute name. Tapping the button will produce a selection dialog to select other entries (sorted by template) to link.

Quick Reference

To create a linked attribute in a Characters template used by the "White Wolf" system:

  1. Launch GM Toolkit
  2. Tap White Wolf in the system list
  3. Select the Characters tab
  4. Tap the Edit Template menu item at the bottom of your screen
  5. Tap the New Attribute action bar item
  6. Name the attribute: Equipment
  7. Choose Linked Entry from the drop down list under the attribute name
  8. Tap OK
  9. Sort the attributes as you see fit, then tap the Save action bar item.

All current entries using the White Wolf Characters template will now have an attribute called "Equipment" that allows you to select and link other entries to it.