Build Your Own System

The beauty of GM Toolkit is that you can create custom templates with all the attributes you want right from the app - no need to purchase the Template Packs if you want to do it yourself. Here''s a crash course in how to create a new system and templates from scratch using the app.

From the app home screen, there's a New System button.

  1. Tap New System ()
  2. Name the system whatever you''d like, but something relating to the game system is probably best. For the purposes of this tutorial, I''m going to use World of Darkness.
  3. Tap OK.

After you see the name show up in the home screen list:

  1. Tap the system name (whatever you named it in step 2 above) - i.e. World of Darkness.
  2. Since no templates currently exist in the new system, you''ll be prompted to create a new Template automatically. Name the template Characters.
  3. Tap OK and you'll be launched into the Template Editor
  4. Add each attribute you want the template to have one at a time. Continuing with the World of Darkness Characters example, type "Intelligence" in the New Attribute box.
  5. Tap the add button ().
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 fore each attribute you want the template to have. When you have all your template attributes, Tap the Save button ().

You now have a template under which you can save characters for the World of Darkness setting. To create a new entry for your character, tap the New Entry button () in the bottom toolbar. Give the entry a name and you''re all set. You can view and edit the entry by tapping any attribute and entering it''s value.

You can add as many templates as you like to any system using the New Template button (). If you make changes to the template after creating entries, each entry will be automatically updated with the new attributes and attribute order.

Game on!

Note: World of Darkness is a trademark of White Wolf Studios and is used here as an example only.